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Air Fryers

Most brands of Air Fryers don’t require oil for the machine to work, though using cooking spray or tossing your food with a teaspoon or two of Olive Oil before putting the food in the basket will improve the texture and flavor of air-fried eats. While it’s possible to enjoy air-fried food with no oil, the beauty of this appliance is that it only needs such a small amount.

There are only 40 calories per teaspoon of oil (120 calories per tablespoon). The little bit of oil you do add helps brown and caramelize everything for extra crispy and delicious results. And compared to the amount of oil in deep-fried foods, the amount you’ll use in the air fryer is practically nothing, resulting in fewer calories and saturated fat than your typical fried food.

Kitchen Blender

Watch any cooking show and you’re bound to see an iconic stand Kitchen Blender on the counter. And if it’s a baking show, that’s guaranteed. A stand mixer can impressively churn through heavy dough’s and batters and also whip up light-as-air meringues and whipped cream. The dough hook of a stand mixer can knead bread dough in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand, an asset much appreciated during the pandemic as more cooks have tried their hand at bread baking.

Gas Ranges

The clear winner in the energy efficiency battle between Gas Ranges and Electric Ranges is gas. It takes about three times as much energy to produce and deliver electricity to your stove. According to the California Energy Commission, a gas stove will cost you less than half as much to operate (provided that you have an electronic ignition not a pilot light.


A Microwave is great whether you love to cook, are always rushing to pull dinner together, or live on reheated coffee and frozen pizza, a microwave is a kitchen essential. Defrosting and reheating or Air Frying are common uses, but not every microwave does both well. That’s why it’s smart to do a little research before you buy yours.

Vacuum Cleaners

A good vacuum cleaner is key for a clean home. And there are plenty of different types of vacuums with all kinds of bells and whistles to choose from. We currently have more than 180 models in our ratings which we motored across 16 miles of carpet and flooring, all in the quest to help you select the right vacuum for your home, whether it’s an upright, a canister, a stick, a handheld, or a robotic model.

Home Security

In today’s age Home Security and Business Security has become a top priority. With Home break ins Home intrusions and Home thefts. So a Home Security has become a MUST to protect your Family and your house from intrusions

Purchasing a home security system once required a technician to come into your house and run wires through your walls, but today’s systems are wireless and much easier to install.

Smart Locks

The deadbolt on your front door right now likely serves its purpose. It locks, it unlocks and keeps out any unwanted guests. And that’s enough. However, if you’re tired of leaving keys under your mat (like everyone else), or you don’t want multiple keys floating around, a smart lock might be the answer.

Smart locks won’t necessarily make your home any safer, but they allow for more control. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere and extend digital “keys” to friends, family, caregivers or anyone else who regularly visits your home.