Ozone Generators

What does a Ozone Generators Do?

Well Ozone Generators help eliminate Germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms are dangerous. There is no length these unseen parasites cannot go to cause havoc in the body; they can cause fatal diseases that lead to death. This is why sometimes, you could use an ozone generator in a home to get rid of them.

Ozone generators are ideal for certain specific applications such as:

  • Killing mold
  • Killing mildew
  • Killing bacteria
  • Getting rid of odors

What Is an Ozone Machine and How Does It Work

An ozone machine is a mobile unit that can be used in the home or inside the car to remove indoor pollutants and odor. The machine has a compartment that traps air in the form of CO2. The oxygen in the air is then converted to ozone by an electrical discharge which simulates lightning. This method is called silent corona discharge. The electrical discharge splits the oxygen and creates single oxygen atoms which subsequently attach themselves to other oxygen (O2) atoms to form ozone. A less effective method is ultraviolet radiation which mimics how the sun’s UV radiation splits atoms of Oxygen (O2) into singular atoms.

Ozone is a kind of Oxygen (O2) that has three atoms (O3). It is effective in disinfecting contaminants, viruses, bacteria, germ, and odor because the third molecule in ozone can detach easily and then attach itself to the chemical structure of the microorganisms and alter them. Thus making them ineffective. The ozone machine is usually turned on and left to operate for some time without anyone in the room. The room has to be opened and the air allowed to escape after the ozone has done its job.


Aeroqual partner with a number of manufacturers who produce ozone sterilization equipment. JIMCO, one of these partners and the makers of the FLO-D MINI – Mark 2, have had this product tested, which confirmed its effectiveness at killing the coronavirus. Dr. Brill + Dr. Steinmann from the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology conducted this test on 5/19/2010. Here is what they found – “The conclusion can be drawn that after passing examinations with MVA [in Europe, MVA represents the official model virus for all enveloped viruses] an activity against all enveloped viruses including members of the virus family coronaviridae (like MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2) is achieved”.

The ozone sterilization process is simple. Firstly, vacate the environment to be sterilized, roll in an ozone sterilization product, set it to add the appropriate quantity of ozone to the environment. After which it is vital that you monitor when it is safe to re-enter the space. 

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