Food Savers

What are Food Savers

Food Savers are great sealing a steak

Food Savers are vacuum sealing machines to preserver your food by removing the air out of the original packaging cutting down on food waste that has many advantages: It’s better for both the environment and our budgets. According to a recent study, Americans lose as much as $1,300 on spoiled food, which then makes up a hefty 24 percent of landfill waste.

Along with helpful habits like meal planning and learning the nuances of expiration dates, there’s another simple way to keep food from ending up in the garbage: better storage. Knowing how to store food properly is key to extending its shelf life there’s good reason why you keep apples away from other produce!

If you already know the ins and outs of basic food storage, consider taking things to the next level with vacuum sealing. Whether you buy in bulk to save money, meal prep ahead of time for convenience, or simply want to eat more fresh food, this food preservation technique can help your groceries last longer.

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