Kitchen Blenders

Watch any cooking show and you’re bound to see an iconic Kitchen Blenders on the counter. And if it’s a baking show, that’s guaranteed. A stand mixer can impressively churn through heavy dough’s and batters and also whip up light-as-air meringues and whipped cream. The dough hook of a stand mixer can knead bread dough in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand, an asset much appreciated during the pandemic as more cooks have tried their hand at bread baking

Of course, if your cooking tends more toward savory foods, a stand mixer may be more machine than you need. That could be especially true if you are short on cabinet or counter space. So opt for a hand mixer instead. It’s ideal for lighter jobs and smaller batches, and can even help you mix up thinner batters, such as the occasional birthday cake.

And heck, if you cook a lot or have a big family, you may want one of each. It’s easier to whip up two egg whites with a hand mixer than to haul out the heavy equipment. How about making that smoothie or a Mile Shake for that you will need a Blender.

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