Optimal Performance Engineered: Experience superior performance with a robust 130-watt, 25.1 InHG double vacuum pump, meticulously designed to extract maximum air. This powerful feature ensures top-tier sealing efficiency, even for larger food items or bulk quantities.
Customizable Sealing Options: Enjoy the versatility of three distinct settings—dry, moist, and double. Tailor your sealing experience further by choosing between normal vacuum pressure and a gentle option. This comprehensive range of settings guarantees the safe and efficient sealing of diverse food types without compromising quality or integrity.
Effortless Operation at Your Fingertips: Streamline your vacuum sealing process effortlessly with the easy-lock handle. Designed for smooth, single-handed operation, this feature simplifies the sealing process, ensuring convenience and user-friendly functionality.
Enhanced Security in Sealing: Opt for the optional double heat seal feature, providing an additional layer of security, especially for sealing liquid-based or moist foods. This added measure ensures a reliable and sturdy seal, preserving food freshness and integrity effectively.
Integrated Convenience for Seamless Usage: Enjoy the convenience of built-in storage for vacuum sealer bags alongside a dedicated bag cutter. This integrated design allows for on-the-spot customization, creating bespoke bag sizes tailored precisely to your storage needs.
Comprehensive Starter Kit and Long-term Assurance: Begin your sealing journey immediately with two included bag rolls (8.6” x 9.85’ and 11.8” x 9.85’). Additionally, benefits from supplementary accessories and a reassuring 5-year warranty, ensuring prolonged support and peace of mind.
Versatile Multi-mode Functionality: Unlock the potential of seven diverse modes tailored for versatile usage. Adapt your vacuum sealer to various food states, from dry to moist or liquid, ensuring optimal preservation. With features like a manual seal, container, marinate, and pulse mode for delicate foods, customize your preservation methods effortlessly.

Package Dimensions

17.28 x 9.33 x 7.4 inches

Item Weight

7.45 pounds

Date First Available

October 31, 2023


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