Plug and Play: Easily connects to your home’s breaker box via a transfer switch.

120V and 240V outlets, the same familiar connections as a typical gas generator

Weatherproof and outdoor rated.

✔ Totally modular:

– Exterior post terminals for connecting as many additional batteries as you need. Increase your power storage over time!

– Add multiple solar panels to speed up charging.

✔ Industrial temperature controls and smart fans keep critical components cool even in the summer heat.

✔ Modern and Efficient
MPPT charge controller with simple menus, temperature compensation, and Bluetooth app.

Built-in 240V battery charger to charge via L14-30 input at 240VAC to DC batteries at up to 3,840W. to charge your batteries from the grid or from a gas generator!

Recommended batteries: At least (2) 48V LiFePO4 100Ah batteries.

Electrical / Software features

Low-frequency inverter:

The Rebel features a low-frequency inverter. (extra heavy-duty). They use powerful transformers (lots of copper!) which makes them more reliable and sturdier than the cheap high-frequency inverter’s MOSFETs. MOSFETs use electronic switching and are more prone to damage, particularly at high power levels.

  • – Low-frequency inverters have a much higher tolerance for harsh and humid environments, making our solar generators ideal for use in emergency situations. Plus, our Rebel’s inverter has a conformal coating on the PCB, further reducing the potential water/moisture damage to the electronics.
    – Low-frequency inverters have a higher surge output than high-frequency inverters. (300% surge versus typical 200%)
    – The surge rating of 36,000W is for a full 20 seconds! Almost all solar generators except the Rebel have a surge rating of about 10 milliseconds to 2 seconds.

Inverter Type: Pure sine, split phase (240V AC and 120V AC)

Inverter rated power output: 12,000W Continuous / 36,000W Surge

Maximum 240V input charging power: 3,840W

Standard feature but not required to use the Rebel. (240V charging can be from the grid or a gas 240V generator, etc. )

Please note: This feature is North American 240V only, not 120V.

Input ports:

– (2) Solar panel connector pair
o Max Solar Input (Watts): 4,800W

o Max Solar Input (Amps): 80A

o Max Solar Input (Voc): 150V

– 1 x 30A 240VAC/1PH/60HZ Input, NEMA L14-30P (Accepts 240V grid / 240V gas generator)

– 1 x Pair input/output heavy duty and universal
3/8” post terminals for connecting batteries

Output ports:

– (6) x 3-prong outlets, 15A max, Waterproof household 110/120VAC/1PH/60HZ

– 240VAC/1PH/60HZ Output (Standard North American Split Phase 240V):

o NEMA L14-30R (30A)

o NEMA 14-50R (50A)
NEMA 6-50R (50A)

12V socket, 30A (360W max output), protected by circuit breaker

USB-C PD & (1) USB-A QC 3.0: 18W Max. Output Power (5V@3.4A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A)

✔ Operating temperature range (Not including batteries):

-4°F~131°F (-20°C~55°C)

✔ Outside dimensions: 37-1/2” L x 23” W x 23-1/2” H

✔ Sound level:

25-60 decibels (dB)

(With fans on, tested 60dB at 3ft)

✔ Weight: (Without batteries) 233 lbs

✔ Battery chemistry compatibility:

Deep Cycle Lead Acid
Flooded Lead Acid
Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) / Gel
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Lithium 14S (48V)

✔ Warranty: 5 years

Rebel Advanced Features
The Rebel Advanced Features are not intended for beginners or novice users. However, all it takes is a little bit of reading and some patience to become an advanced user. The following features can be accessed on all Rebel Solar Generators. They are described in detail in the Rebel Inverter Manual, but feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Automatic transfer switch operation: This is similar to a conventional UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) used with computers and electronics. This requires the Rebel’s 240VAC input AND 240VAC output to be continuously connected to your home or building. Note: The Rebel’s “Input” is sometimes referred to as “Shore power” or “shore connection”. With this feature enabled, your home or building will continuously run on power from the grid until the grid goes down. Within 8 milliseconds of the grid going down, power will be transferred to the Rebel’s inverter/battery off-grid system only. Visit Rebel Inverter Manual section 2.5.5 for more details.

✔ Gas Generator Auto-start for backup charging: (Only works with gas generators that have auto-start function). When the Rebel’s battery voltage drops to 10.0V DC (21.0V DC on 24V models), the Rebel will send a signal to start your gas generator. The gas generator will remain on until the batteries are fully charged. This allows you to maximize your free solar/wind power, but still have the reliability and dependability of a gas generator. The auto-start feature is completely automatic, so no more waking up in the middle of the night to start up the generator! Visit Rebel Inverter Manual section 2.5.13 for more details.

Combining these two features equips your home or business with
the most backup power system available on the market. The system takes advantage of the best of both worlds; free and reliable solar power as primary, but still the option of falling back on traditional gas generator power. These two advanced features (along with Rebel’s other features) will provide a fully automatic backup system that you will never have to think about!

In the vast sea of solar generators, the Rebel stands out, not just as a beacon of innovation, but as a testament to what’s possible when technology meets sustainability.

Here’s why the Rebel Solar Generator is the ultimate choice for the modern homeowner:

① Plug and Play Convenience: If you already have a generator transfer switch, the Rebel is a seamless replacement for your old gas generator. No fuss, no hassle.

② Unmatched Power: Unlike the myriad of small, imported generators, the Rebel is the ONLY solar generator designed to power your entire home. Experience the difference of genuine capability.

③ Simplicity at Its Best: User-friendly and intuitive, the Rebel ensures that sustainable living doesn’t come with a steep learning curve.

④ True Sustainability: Live autonomously without the constant need for refueling. The Rebel offers a fully sustainable energy solution, eliminating the need for gas and reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Be a Pioneer: Join the ranks of early adopters and be among the first to harness this groundbreaking technology to power your entire home.

6. Ultimate Survival Gear: For those preparing for the unexpected, the Rebel is the most reliable survival gear on the market. It’s designed to outlast any disaster, making it a superior choice over gas or diesel generators.

7. Beyond Vehicles: While vehicles like the Ford Lightning can power your home, they fall short in sustainability. Unlike them, the Rebel can integrate a massive amount of solar energy, ensuring you’re not just powered for a few days, but sustainably into the future.

Plug and Play: Easily connects to your home’s breaker box via a transfer switch (optional).
120V and 240V outlets, The same familiar connections as a typical gas generator
Weatherproof and outdoor rated. Exterior connections are waterproof and designed for outdoor use. The Rebel is designed to live outside 24/7/365.
Industrial temperature controls on each MPPT charge controller(s) and inverter(s) keep critical components cool even in the summer heat by using smart fans to cycle air. The fans turn off to save power when they aren’t needed.
Modern and Efficient MPPT charge controller with simple menus, temperature compensation and Bluetooth app.
Built-in 240V battery charger to charge via L14-30 input at 240VAC to DC batteries at up to 3,840W.
Recommended batteries: At least (2) 48V LiFePO4 100Ah batteries.


Brand: Generic


‎4800 watts

Fuel Type


Power Source

Solar Powered


‎48 Volts

Output Wattage

Special Feature

Included Components

‎See last image

Product Dimensions

‎37.5"L x 23"W x 23.5"H

Model Name

‎Solar Generator

Engine Type



Running Wattage

Is Electric


‎Gridless Revolution

Part Number


Item Weight

‎233 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number


Special Features

‎Split Phase, Outdoor Rated, Waterproof, 240V Split Phase

Batteries required


Warranty Description

5 year warranty.

Date First Available

September 27, 2023


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