POWERFUL 15,000 MG/H OZONE GENERATOR- Alpine Air New Improved Ozone Generator provide 15,000 mg/h of Ozone. The Ozone Air Purifier Creates O3 in a Special Process that Charges Electrical Current in Oxygen Molecules. Ozone Cleanses by Breaking Down Odors at their Source.
NO FILTER NEEDED- Our New Air Purifier and Ionizer Provide 20,000 Guaranteed Hours of Service Life. You can Easily use our Air Deodorizer on a Daily Basis Without the need of Changing a Filter. After 20,000 Hours of Operation, the Ozone Plate will need Replacement to ensure Sufficient Ozone Output.
BEST ODOR ELIMINATOR AND AIR IONIZER- Alpine Air Professional Air Deodorizer is a Heavy Duty Device that can be Used Anywhere. The Compact Design Allows Air Ionization any where in your Home, Room, Car or Office Spaces. The High Quality and Powerful Ionization Plate make this Device the Perfect Choice for Air Cleansing in Big Areas in Commercial or Industrial Spaces.
POWDER COATED EXTERIOR- Industrial powder coating for extra durability and usage.
LIGHT AND PORTABLE- Made of Aluminum with a Durable Handle Attachment, this Device can be Moved to Different Locations with Ease.


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