2 WORKING MODES: Air Mode & Water Mode for your different needs. AIR MODE: this mode is ideal for big space and purifying all bad smell. WATER MODE: is suitable for water, fruits, vegetable and any smaller space, like wardrobe, cupboard, shoebox etc.
UPGRADED OZONE PLATE & STRONG FAN: Upgraded honeycomb discharge technology increases the ozone release area by 20%, stronger ozone concentration and better effect. The powerful ball-bearing fan purifies at a higher speed than ordinary fans. 7 leaves fan can quickly release the ozone to every corner.
2 HOURS TIMER OR “HOLD” MODE: The time seeting can up to max 2 hours, please reference the manual to set the time accroding to the space size. Time is up, machine will stop working automatically. Under the “Hold” mode, the ozone machine will work until you turn it off manually. But for the longer service life of the machine, we do not recommend the machine to work continuously for a long time.
HOW THE WATER MODE WORK: Tuck in the water stone to the hose end, and another end of hose connect to the mahine interface. Then put the water stone to the water. Set time and turn on the machine, the machine will work (If you want to use it in small space, you don’t need to tuck in the water stone to the hose, just put the hose to where you want to use it ).
USE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Ozone generators can deodorize bad smell from homes, offices, kitchens, schools, hotel, basements & cars, etc. WARNING: ONLY USE IN UNOCCUPIED SPACE. And please ventilate for at least 30 minutes after the machine finish the work, then people and animals can be allowed to enter.


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