Adjustable Upper Rack – the Upper Rack can be raised or lowered to get extra space for taller dishes
3 racks – top rack for spoons, knifes & forks. Here they will be easily cleaned. Save more space on lower racks for dishes
Multiple Filter – there are 4 filter-meshes in the system to separate soiled and clean water in different chambers
Smart Wash System with cycle sensor – this washer can sense partial load of lightly soiled dishes, then wash cycle similar to a short wash will automatically be performed
Steam wash – For use with heavily soiled items, this STEAM option adds 30 minutes to the cycle time. The option is available with the cycles of “HEAVY WASH” and “Normal wash”.
Heat Dry – most bacteria will not survive in dry and hot environment. Keep your family healthy with real clean dishes.
Top Control – this allows you to stay comfortable when you need to set without bending waste and looking up
14 Place Setting Capacity – dishes for a few extra guests would not take your extra time for another round of washing.
Air Exchange function – keeping the air fresh inside your dishwasher every 6 hours.


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