Dimensional Precision & Pre-Configured Installation: Dimensioned at 29.92″ L x 20.08″ W x 4.13″ H, this 30-inch gas cooktop offers a snug fit for diverse kitchen layouts and RV spaces. With cutout dimensions of 28.62″ L x 18.77″ W, installation is smooth. The cooktop comes pre-installed with essential components such as a 110V power cord, Natural Gas Regulator, and LPG Nozzles. This ensures that the unit is ready for immediate use with propane or natural gas right out of the box.
Versatile Burner Options for Every Cooking Need: This 30-inch gas cooktop features five distinct burners to meet all your cooking requirements: a 12,000Btu/hr Wok burner at 5.20″, a 10,200Btu/hr Rapid burner at 3.74″, a pair of 6,000Btu/hr Semi-rapid burners at 2.56″, and a 3,400Btu/hr Auxiliary burner at 1.77″. Its dual-fuel capability allows compatibility with both propane and natural gas, offering versatility for both RV and residential kitchen use.
Advanced Safety Mechanisms for Secure Cooking: The cooktop includes 5 premium Made-in-Italy SABAF burners, each armed with advanced safety features like flame failure thermocouples and auto shut-off technology. These features ensure the cooktop remains a secure and reliable option for cooking with either propane or natural gas.
Easy-to-Clean Features & Robust Build Quality: Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward with this 30-inch gas cooktop. Its sealed burners keep food spills from entering, and its stain-resistant stainless-steel surface facilitates easy cleaning. The robust knobs and laser-cut, full-width cast-iron grates are designed for durability and are dishwasher-safe for effortless maintenance.
Broad Cooking Versatility with Quality Guarantee: This 30-inch gas cooktop offers a range of burner sizes for different cooking techniques. Whether you’re simmering sauces or frying meats, this unit has you covered. Proudly engineered in the USA, the cooktop is backed by a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, assuring you of its high-quality construction and durability.


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