EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES: Our ozone generator is different from other types of ozone air purifier. It can generate 30000 mg/hour of ozone, effectively remove the odor you can’t scrub, purify your living space, and create a nature-like home environment for you and your family.
FAST PURIFICATION: The powerful fan of the ozone generator for home can quickly diffuse the ozone into the room, combine with pollutants and destroy them, producing fresh oxygen. A 300 sq ft space can be completely purified in 15 minutes.
SIMPLE OPERATION: Simply turn the timing knob of the air ozone machine to set the ozone production time and leave the room. When the time is up, the ozone air purifier will stop working automatically. Please ventilate for at least 30 minutes after ozone generation ends.
MULTI USE: The ozone machine odor removal works amazingly in all smelly locations. It is very suitable for bedrooms, cars, boats, dumpsters, offices, hotels, farms, restaurants, basements, hospitals, pet rooms or fire or water-damaged areas and more.
SATISFIED GUARANTEE: Order our ozone generators with confidence! Every ozone generator for car has been tested strictly to ensure higher quality. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide the perfect solution for you!




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