Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 1500W
Output: 12-15L/h
Cylinder capacity: 5.5L
Mass: 60kg
Size: 495*570*625mm

Ice Cream Machine Details
●Adopt brand-new color board, the surface is dirt-resistant, and the appearance is stable and elegant
●Further optimize the refrigeration system to improve refrigeration efficiency
●Reduce power consumption and save electricity cost
●Simplify the operation process and make the operation more convenient
●Reliable safety performance, using rubber machine feet, which can effectively prevent slipping

Advantages and functions: The desktop ice cream machine has a high-precision arc stirring system with high precision and fast discharge. high expansion device
Thoughtful Design: Designed with thick plastic baffles, non-slip rubber pads, high-speed rotating agitator, copper condenser and large exhaust system to ensure the professional ice cream machine can be used for a long time
Food-grade stainless steel, automatic cleaning, timing control, one-button automatic operation, current overload protection, one-button automatic cleaning
It can be mixed and fed with any small piece of chocolate, biscuit or fresh fruit while the machine is running, 4.3″ touch control panel
Can be used in ice cream shop, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, school, milk tea shop, snack bar, hotel, bakery, etc.


Brand: MNSSRN, Visit the Lucy Pet Products Store


Stainless Steel, Plastic

Included Components

Ice Cream Machine

Product Dimensions

19.49"L x 22.44"W x 24.61"H

Operation Mode

Product Care Instructions




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