Compact and Efficient: This portable dishwasher is 18.1 inches in height, occupying a countertop area of 16.9 x 16.8 inches, perfect for small sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats, and campers/RVs; storage rack and cutlery basket make easy cleaning for ”top rack only” items like knives, forks, and spoons; upper and lower spray arms provide thorough 360° cleaning
5 Wash Cycles and Drying Function: This compact dishwasher offers 5 wash cycles: Normal, Speed, Soft, Baby Care/Heavy, and Fruit; effectively cleans various items with a high temperature wash, followed by automatic 60 minutes of hot air drying for dry, odor free dishes; its 72 hours of automatic ventilation maintains tableware hygiene for consistently clean dishes
2 Water Supply Modes: This countertop dishwasher offers 2 water supply modes: faucet and water tank; you can fill the 5 L water tank or use the provided hose to connect to the faucet; its touch panel clearly shows the device status, while the transparent glass door and blue LED lamp make it easy to check its operation
Energy and Water Saving: Uses only 5 L of water per wash cycle, approximately 80% less water than handwashing; boasts an energy efficiency rating of ‘A,’ consuming only 0.015-0.498 kWh of electricity; compatible with various dishwasher specific detergents such as pods, liquids, or powder
Quality Control Note: NOVETE dishwashers undergo manufacturer’s quality tests to ensure proper operation, so a little residual water in the unit is NORMAL; before first use, it is recommended to run for 5 minutes to clear the dust and odor that may be generated during long distance transportation in the dishwasher


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