Effective Odor Elimination: With an impressive output of 15,000mg/hour, this ozone generator quickly eliminates various odors in your home, office, pet area, basement, or even your car. Say goodbye to smoke, pets, cooking, and other lingering odors for a more comfortable living space.
Low/Medium/High Power: Press to select the correct ozone output according to the room size and air quality. Each press will cycle between low/medium/high. Higher power for large space. The high power is suitable for spaces up to 1500-2000 sq ft. It’s the best way to eliminate odors
Fan Delay Button: After the machine is automatically turned off, the fan will remain on for 1 minute to automatically clean the ozone tray of moisture and collected dust. It will automatically shut down when finished cleaning. Frequently enabling the fan delay function will extend the life of the machine by at least 20%.
Versatile Application: The ozone generator is perfect for use in cars, boats, dumpsters, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, this generator is adaptable to various environments, offering flexibility and convenience. It is a good compact size and has a carry handle for easy relocation.
ATTENTION: Use in unoccupied space only! There might be an ozone smell remaining in the room after treatment. Open doors and windows to ventilate for at least 30 minutes after the treatment and before people return to the space.Not available for sale in California.


Brand: Discala


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