PREMIUM OZONE GENERATOR; This Ozone Generator boasts a robust all-metal shell that is both elegant and durable. It comes with a convenient metal handle for easy portability, making it an ideal choice for home, industrial, or commercial use.
FAST ELIMINATES: With its own powerful fan, the ozone generator effectively distributes ozone throughout the room, swiftly reacting with pollutants and swiftly converting them into fresh oxygen. This creates a naturally refreshing atmosphere for you and your family, ensuring a home full of natural freshness.
WIDE USES: Featuring effective odor, smoke, and pollutant elimination capabilities. Its versatile application extends to various settings, such as homes, offices, cars, and other residential and commercial spaces.
EASY TO USE; Simply adjust the timing knob on the air ozone machine to set the desired ozone generation time. Once set, leave the room and let the ozone generator neutralize odors, leaving a clean and fresh-scented environment. The machine will automatically stop working when the time is up. It is important to ventilate the room for at least 30 minutes after the ozone generation process ends.
CUSTOMER SERVICE; Our TTDMK brand Ozone Generator provides adaptability to various spaces, effectively combating persistent odors, and improving overall air quality. If you are not fully satisfied with our Ozone Generator, we are here to assist you. (Not for sale in California.)


Brand: TTDMK


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