The new Ozone Air SYL-35000 GEN2 Industrial Grade Sterilizing Machine is designed for Home and Commercial use with Professional results in sanitizing, disinfecting and purifying not only the air, but the entire environment. To double the effectiveness in addition to the well known Ozone disinfecting power we have added 265NM UV module generating a safe dose of Hydroxyl. Hydroxyl molecules eliminate bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, mold, mildew, noxious gases and other organic compounds that can cause odor. This unit gives the best of both worlds to help you purify your Home or midsize commercial environment.

Adjustable Time (up to 2 hours) and Volume controlled Ozone Generator (up to 35,000mg/hr) allowing you to perform “shock treatments” as well as continuous air purification
In addition to the standard Ozone function, the new SYL-35,000 GEN2 comes with a 265NM LED UV module capable of delivering a safe amount of Hydroxyl for additional air purification
Safe for use in occupied environments with the Hydroxyl only function
Powerful to eliminate any tough odors from any midsize areas
Maintenance free for up to 10.000 hours of use


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