NEWEST Version with 50,000mg/h Ozone Output — Our new designed ozone generator can emit 50,000mg ozone per hour! It can eliminate virtually any odors from cigar smoke, cooking, pets, bathrooms, paint, etc. Not only for home use, but also for office, hotel, factory and other public area.
2 Level of Ozone Output — O₃I and O₃II for you to set the ozone output of 25g/h or 50g/h for different areas. Powerful enough for industrial use! Remove tough odor at minute!
Timer with ‘HOLD’ Mode for Super Large Public Area — Turn the knob clockwise to set up the timer up to 180 minutes. If need to treat area over 10,000ft, turn counter-clockwise to ‘HOLD’ mode and the machine will work continuously.
A Suprised Added Function — Double way to purify air!! Check at our pictures and you will know more functions of our Ozonlife Ozone Generator! No matter what aire problems, just believe in our powerful ozone machine!
Warranty & Maintenance — Our ozone machines are 30 days return and refund, 2 years warranty. Give it a try and you will love it! [Atten: Ozone gas is smelly gas, people and pets should leave the area while working, and enjoy fresh air after treatment]


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