【Smart Touchscreen Dimmer Switch】It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you multiple options for precise dimming from 0% to 100%. You can use the touchscreen panel, app control, voice control, or physical button to adjust the lighting. The 1.9″ screen lets you view real-time weather at any time. Set up schedules to turn the lights on or off at specific times with preset brightness levels. Plus, you can share the app with your family members to easily control the switch together.
【Nerve Central for All Your Lights】The MixPad D1 smart dimmer can control all ORVIBO switches and personalize scenes for sleeping, leaving home, working, and turning on/off all lights. With the ability to create customized scenes, you can set different brightness levels for your chandelier, light strip, and floor lamp. Simply click the “Movie” scene and enjoy the perfect lighting for your viewing experience.
【Support for Matter Standard】Multiple quick setups available. ORVIBO Home app: No hub needed for everyday use. Matter-enabled app: MixPad D1 is compatible with all certified smart home platforms like Apple Home, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Even if the internet connection is lost, all Matter-supported devices on your local network (LAN) will still function smoothly. It requires a Matter hub and an IPv6-enabled router.
【Intercom and Broadcast】With two or more MixPad D1 dimmers, you can easily achieve voice intercom and home broadcast. Whether it’s letting your family know that dinner is ready or chatting with parents in different rooms, ORVIBO smart dimmers make communication a breeze.
【Easy Installation】Please note it does not support Smart Bulbs. The MixPad D1 smart dimmer can handle up to 250W INC and HAL, 120W LED and CFL, and 250W MLV and ELV. MixPad D1 smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch is designed to replace the traditional light switch easily and can quickly be installed in a standard 1-gang junction box. It requires Neutral and Ground wires.
【Trusted & Reliable】ORVIBO is a technology company focusing on whole-house intelligence with nearly 1,700 stores opened, and has provided smart home products and services to over 3.5 million customers. We aim to bring you a more comfortable living experience, and provide 24 months manufacturer warranty with registration. If you have any questions, please contact us in time to activate your warranty service, so as to get the best solution in the first time.


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