Professional 8-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine: The upgraded vacuum sealer machine meets all your food preservation needs. Dry and moist modes: Suitable for meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables and more. Compared with similar products in the market, we have enhanced the moist vacuum function to good vacuuming and sealing effect. External vacuum: Decreases oxidation speed for mason jars, canning jars, crisper boxes and wine. Sealing: Perfect for quick sealing
Enhanced Sealing Performance: Our vacuum sealer is equipped with an 65-85kPa powerful vacuum pump and NTC intelligent temperature control system to ensure maximum extraction for efficient sealing. A 12mm widened heating strip guarantee a wider sealing range, reducing the risk of leakage. You can extend the freshness of your food by up to 10 times, saving you money
Built-in Cutter & Excellent Safety: The food vacuum sealer has a built-in bag cutter for easy trimming according to your needs. To ensure your safety, the overheat protection function will be triggered after prolonged continuous operation. Please allow the machine to cool for 30 minutes when all indicators start flashing before continuing to use. The sealer automatically cuts off the power supply when the lid is opened, preventing any potential hazards
Durable and Heat-Resistant Materials: Made with high-quality ABS+PC materials and a reinforced heat dissipation system, our Vacuum Sealer Machine is built to withstand high temperatures and long-term usage. With a 25-second cooling time, it allows for quick and easy consecutive sealing. This ensures reliable and consistent sealing performance, making it an essential tool in every kitchen
Easy to Use & Store: This vacuum sealer machine features fully automatic one-touch sealing operation and LED indicators. Compact in size and lightweight(2 pounds), it has a maximum sealing length of 11.8 inches, allowing you to seal multiple bags at once, saving you valuable time. The LED indicators will prompt you to start or finish. Lower noise level of 55-62 for your comfort. With 1 sealing foam gaskets, replaceable and easy to clean

Package Dimensions

16.18 x 5.24 x 4.02 inches

Item Weight

2 pounds

Date First Available

October 31, 2023


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