Powerful plus Efficient: VEVOR 30″ built-in gas cooktop features 5 burners with different power levels: 3750BTU, 2 x 6400BTU, 10200BTU, and 12250BTU. 12250BTU maximum power and 52% higher thermal efficiency ensure efficient and fast heating. Enjoy a delightful cooking experience, whether for simmering or boiling.
Creative Culinary Freedom: With 5 powerful burners working in harmony, you can simultaneously fry, simmer, steam, boil, and melt a variety of culinary delights. From sizzling stir-fries, healthy steamed dishes to comforting soups, our gas stove top unleashes your creativity.
Auto Shutdown Safety: Our natural gas hob has a built-in thermocouple flameout failure system for high safety. When the top needle inside the stove to detect a flame, it automatically shuts off the gas supply, preventing leaks and ensuring your family’s safety during cooking.
Sturdy and Long-Lasting: Our stainless steel gas stove cooktop offers high wear, corrosion, and heat resistance. It features durable cast iron brackets to keep cookware stable and metal knobs for longevity. Built with robust materials, VEVOR gas stove ensures long-lasting durability.
Versatile Compatibility: Our propane cooktop offers adaptability with LPG/NG convertible nozzles, enabling easy connection to either gas or natural gas supply. Its standard 28.7×18.5xR0.8-inch opening size ensures a perfect fit for most kitchen installations, offering versatile options for various setups.


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