Large-capacity Commercial Ozone Generator:
This commercial ozone machine can produce 10,000 mg of ozone per hour. with high flow fans, ozone can quickly spread to every place in the space,
which can effectively to reduce odors and eliminate sources of odors, and make the air in the space fresher; Ozone uses natural air as a raw material,
and the time for ozone to be reduced to oxygen is 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution.

This commercial ozone machine with special process spray paint shell, good durability, easy to clean, there will be no obvious aging even after years of use.

This commercial ozone machine carry handle is made of metal, and rust-proof treatment, better durability; carry handle can be folded, Save space and facilitate storage.

The human body are exposed to excessive ozone for a long time is harmful, so please make sure there are no people and animals in the space before you use the ozone machine to disinfect the space;
After receiving the machine, check whether there are any parts that are damaged due to transportation.If any parts are damaged, please return or exchange the product on the order page;
This machine uses a mechanical timer. If the machine works ends early, there may be a slight ticking sound, which is normal. The sound will disappear after timer resets to zero.

Product name: Ozone Generator/ Commercial Ozone Machine
Timing function: 1-60 minutes timing & Hold on function
Max. usable area: 2100 sq.ft
Ozone output: 10000mg/h
Product dimension: 7.87*6.29*5.9 inch
Product weight: 4.18 Ib

[Large Space Ozone Purifier]: This high-capacity commercial ozone machines produce 10,000 mg/hours of ozone and are powerful enough to clean and deodorize a 2100 sq.ft space, primarily home rooms, car, garages, basements, and bars.
[Ozone Odor Eliminator Purifier]: Due to the strong oxidizing properties of ozone, it can easily eliminator the smoke smell in the bar, the musty smell in the basement or other peculiar odors in the house.
[Portable & Timing Modes]: Continuous working mode and 1-60 minutes any timing, can adapt to the use of most places; Portable compact size and convenient carrying handle hand can easily move the ozone machine to another space.
[Usage Scenarios]: The main usage scenarios of the 10,000 mg high-capacity ozone generator: car, home rooms, garage, basement, bar, warehouse, farm, office (it is recommended to wait for the ozone to dissipate before entering the room, the time is about 30-60 minutes )
[Durable]: We use high-quality raw materials and parts to manufacture the ozone machine, and we conduct strict tests of the Commercial ozone machine in different life scenarios, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product; we are the product Provide a 3-year warranty.




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