【Excellent Ozone Output】JOBYNA high-capacity ozone machines produce 28,000mg/hour of ozone under air mode + 500mg/hour of ozone with water mode, which is powerful enough to clean and deodorize a 3700 sq.ft space or 20L water. EPA Est. No.: 99116-CHN-1
【Water Mode】The “water” mode uses the air duct to introduce ozone into a designated small area or liquid with 500mg/h ozone output. JOBYNA water ozonator features a 1.5 meters food-grade silicone tube + bubble stone, which can not only be used for wardrobe, closet, pet bed, but also for fruits, vegetables, and water.
【Air Mode】The air mode is suitable for large spaces, which produces 28g/h of ozone, at the same time, the 500mg/h water mode also can be used, so here is a total of 28.5g ozone output per hour. Odor ozone generator is suitable for living rooms, apartments, basements, offices, and hallways.
【120mins Timer and hold】The timer knob can be set for up to 120 minutes in either mode, and the ozonator machine’s “hold” setting can also be used continuously. The time can be adjusted according to the size of the space. Don’t let people or pets enter the area until 30 minutes after ends and open the door and window to maintain ventilation.
【Easy to Carry and Operate】The size and weight of the O3 ozone generator machine is 6.3 * 8.2 * 9inch and 4.8lbs, equipped with an insulating rubber handle that allows you to move and carry it. With just 3 buttons on the control panel, you can get your ozone machine up and running in seconds.


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