Size: 1 liter | white

Product size 190 * 190 * 160mm / stainless steel liner 150 * 83mm / ceramic 58 * 89mm

*** Yogurt Trilogy

* Put the yogurt starter in the inner pot

* Add pure milk or fresh milk to the lining and mix well

* Close the lid, connect the power supply, press “Function” to select the yogurt function, 8-12h yogurt is completed

Fermentation requires a certain temperature. If the ambient temperature is too low, it can be extended to 12-16h. When you are done, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it. It tastes better after refrigerating. Add a variety of fruits, honey and raisins to your taste before eating. Nuts and the like

*** Natto Trilogy

* Add steamed soybeans to natto and mix well

* After mixing, put the liner into the machine and open the valve on the lid

* Close the lid, connect the power supply, press “Function” to select the natto function, 36h natto finish

*** rice wine is easy to do

* Add steamed glutinous rice to the struts and mix well

* After mixing, put it into the machine

* Close the lid, connect the power supply, press “Function” to select the rice wine function, complete the 24-hour rice wine

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*One-button microcomputer timing,Electronic temperature control, constant temperature fermentation, automatic power off
*Stainless steel liner +4 porcelain cups combination, can be made into a basin ,or 4 porcelain containers allows for making up to four different types of Yogurt
*360° stereo constant temperature fermentation, enlarged area, uniform heating, surrounded by heating, energy saving, natural taste
*Stainless Steel liner, easy to clean and perfect for any kitchen or home,Easy operation starts and stops yogurt making with the touch of a button
*Our products will bring convenience to your life and let you experience the joy of life during use.

Item Weight

11.02 pounds



Date First Available

July 8, 2019




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