Some Tips for Ozone Generator Use:

1.Before ozone generater using, please do some cleaning in order to remove the source of the odors.

2.Plug on and set the timer up to 120 minutes, If you are not sure, start with 10 min and increase as needed.

3.People and pets leave the room, close the door. No entry during ozone work

4.Enter the room half an hour after the purification done. Open the door and window for ventilation if there’s still some ozone smell.


Dimension: 5.6*7.28*6.88 IN

Weight: 2.2kg (4.85 lb)

Ozone Output: 36000mg/H

Timer: 120 Minutes

Power Suppluy: 110V/60HZ

Package Included:

1* Ozone generator

1* power cord

1* user manual

If any problem feels free to contact us, we are always here willing to help you

Ozone Generator Output 36,000mg / h of ozone, O3 Air Purifier which effectively eliminate any unpleasant smells like smoke odor, pet odor, basement odor, car odor, new decoration odor, paint fumes and other airborne odors.
The timer function can be set up to 0-120 minutes and you can also use the “HOLD” mode to keep it on.
Simply turn the timer knob and leave the room, Make sure that no one (and pets) are in the room when the ozone machine is working.
Apply the ozone treatment One or two times a week for normal use. If you still smell the residual odor in the room after treatment, please increase the ozone treatment time
All ozone generators can only be used in unmanned spaces. Allow 15 to 45 minutes after treatment time is finished before occupying the space, or open the outside windows and doors upon reentry.


Brand: Maleb


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