Production time: 17-22 minutes
Overall weight: 56kg
Rated power: 1350W
Rated voltage: 220V
Capacity: 6L
Package: 1*ice cream machine

Makes up to 6 liters of homemade ice cream, sorbet, sherbet and frozen yoghurt in about 20 minutes
Efficient operation: The temperature around the cooling unit is an important factor affecting cooling efficiency. So there are large vents on the back to strengthen the cooling system of the machine.
Safe and Durable: Our ice cream maker uses rubber feet to stabilize the bottom of the machine and effectively prevent slipping. Cylinder cleaning can be automatically cleaned by adding water.
Food grade stainless steel, 4.3″ touch control panel, timing control, one-button automatic operation, current overload protection, one-button automatic cleaning
When the machine is running, it can be fed with any small piece of chocolate, biscuit or fresh fruit, suitable for bars, cafes, milk tea shops, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, etc.



Care instructions


Brand: MNSSRN, Visit the Lucy Pet Products Store


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