🌄The machine adopts the third generation German technology screen thick film printing and high-temperature sintered nickel electrode process, with stable electrode operation, large ozone generation, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, electrode is not easy to fall off, short starting time, low power consumption, and long service life (up to 3000~6000 hours).
🌄This O3 machine Ionizers Deodorizer is very suitable for your home, office and pet area, basement, car, etc areas. An ideal machine to help you clean smells of smoke, pet, car, cooking, and any unpleasant odors in your apartment, give you a wonderful space without unpleasant smells!
🌄The ozone machine is easy to use, just set the time and press the switch. We recommend setting the timer before you leave the room to make sure there are no people or animals in the room when you work. The time can be set according to the size of the space. You need to wait for a while after it ends as there will still be ozone residue in the air.
🌄The ozone generation module adopts the electrolysis generation unit discharge technology, and the surface is treated with a moisture-proof layer
🌄24 Hours After_sales guarantee–NQRXgej support worry-free after-sales service, if you’re not completely satisfied with anything you get from us, contact us directly and you will get a satisfactory response.


Brand: NQRXgej


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